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  • Ultimate Prostate Formula™
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    • Supports A Healthy Prostate & Prostate Function*
    • Supports Bladder Health*
    • Helps Maintain Already Normal Urine Flow*

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    What It Is:

    Now you can get Saw Palmetto, Lignans, Beta-Sitosterol, and other ingredients in one formula that nutritionally supports a man’s healthy prostate.*

    Why It’s Special:

    For men, it becomes increasingly important to take care of prostate health — which is why Ultimate Prostate Formula™ is built with key clinically studied ingredients that nutritionally support a healthy prostate, bladder health, and more.*

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    Innovative Support for Prostate Health

    Men: when it comes to supporting your physical health and wellbeing, what do you target first? Is it your heart? How about your immune system? And for the frequent gym-goers, your physique is probably near the top of your list.

    But what about prostate health? We know it's something men don't like to think about, but it is vital that they do. In fact, prostate health is so important that doctors do a yearly prostate exam beginning at age 40.

    That's why we created Ultimate Prostate Formula — a powerful blend of ingredients that combines Saw Palmetto, CardioAid® Phytosterols, Selenium, and more for comprehensive prostate support.*

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    Plant Based Ingredients for Prostate Health

    Ultimate Prostate Formula Active Man

    Picture this: you're taking a day-long drive to visit family. But along the way, you had to make more restroom stops than you would've liked and are starting to question whether these long road trips are worth the hassle.

    Or maybe you find yourself getting up to use the bathroom 2 or 3 times a night.

    If you've experienced something like this before, chances are you're ready to benefit from targeted prostate support.

    Ultimate Prostate Formula delivers three powerful botanicals and a host of co-factors that have been shown in studies to support prostate health and function, bladder health, and more.*

    Saw Palmetto

    Men using Saw Palmetto enjoy support for prostate health and healthy urine flow.*

    Reports from multiple clinical studies found subjects experienced significant improvement in peak urinary flow, quality of life, and even sexual function, as compared to placebo.*

    • We add 711 mg of Saw Palmetto to Ultimate Prostate Formula.
    • This yields 320 mg of active fatty acids — the same dose used in clinical studies.
    • Saw Palmetto provides antioxidant protection for the cells and tissue of the prostate gland.*

    CardioAid® Phytosterols

    Found in most plants, Beta-Sitosterol is one of the main components of a group of plant sterols known as phytosterols. And though plant sterols are normally used to help maintain cholesterol levels in the already normal range, evidence shows they are linked to prostate health as well.*

    • Ultimate Prostate Formula contains 300 mg of the patented CardioAid® Plant Sterols to nutritionally support a healthy prostate.*

    Key Co-Factors Take Ultimate Prostate Formula To the Next Level

    With Ultimate Prostate Formula, you're getting three elite ingredients that deliver powerful support for prostate health and more.* Plus, we supercharge this powerful blend with key co-factors that take Ultimate Prostate Formula beyond regular men's health supplements.

    • Zinc: An essential male mineral that is needed to carry out important chemical reactions in the body. A growing number of evidence suggests that high levels of Zinc are vital for prostate health.*
    • Selenium: Multiple studies have evaluated the connection between Selenium and prostate health. One systematic review notes that Selenium may exhibit positive effects on prostate health.*
    • Lycopene: This potent antioxidant helps defend your body against oxidative stress brought on by free radicals.* Lycopene has also been the subject of multiple studies on prostate health.
    • Stinging Nettle Extract: This root has been shown in studies to play a role in maintaining already normal urinary tract health.*
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    To achieve the highest standard in specifications of finished product, our manufacturer adheres to the highest quality control measures, including:

    • NPA GMP certification
    • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply with Current Good Manufacturing
    • Practices (cGMP) ensuring consistent quality
    • Certificates of Analysis available
    • Registered with the FDA as a food manufacturer in accordance with the Bioterrorism Act
    • UL Certificate of Conformance - GMP and Quality Systems
    • Foreign site registration with Health Canada
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    • ras
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    • Washington
    • M
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    • 10/20/21 1:01
    • 5 out of 5
    • great product
    • this has worked extremely well for me.
    • Chuck
    • Not Specified
    • Massachusetts
    • M
    • Not Specified
    • 08/19/21 7:59
    • 5 out of 5
    • Works well
    • I had to getup between 4 & 5 times each night to pee with trouble starting. Now I get up 2 or 3 times with easy starting and better flow.
    • George Micillo
    • Not Specified
    • Massapequa, NY
    • Not Specified
    • 06/11/19 1:14
    • 5 out of 5
    • impressed
    • I have been a customer of Purity Products for over 10 years.Every product that I have purchased I have been 100% satisfied, especially the Ultimate Prostate Formula. my doctor is very impressed
    • Allen
    • Not Specified
    • pasadena Tx
    • M
    • Not Specified
    • 01/23/19 9:42
    • 5 out of 5
    • all good
    • great customer service
    • sonny
    • 65+
    • sussex, wi
    • M
    • Mens Health
    • 07/20/16 4:47
    • 5 out of 5
    • very good
    • The Ultimate Prostate is effective and provides me with satisfaction.
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