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  • Flexuron® PM - Joint & Sleep Optimizer
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    • Clinically Studied to Promote Joint Comfort
    • Supports Joint Function and Flexibility*
    • Flexuron® PM with Melatonin Also Supports Deep, Restful Sleep*

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    What It Is:

    We took our bestselling Flexuron® formula and turned it into the day-night way to have comfortable joints and a great night’s sleep. Flexuron® PM delivers support for joint comfort & flexibility with a patented matrix of krill oil, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid in as few as 7 days, while a generous dose of melatonin will go to work the very first night you take it.*

    Why It’s Special:

    With Flexuron® PM you get Joint comfort + better sleep all in one tiny soft gel. So, if you’re ready to be more comfortable and get a great night’s sleep — and then feel rejuvenated and ready for action during the day — Flexuron® PM is for you!

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    Finally, One Little Pill To Boost Joint Comfort & Help You Sleep Better Every Night!*

    Dr Ken Redcross

    Hello - I’m Dr. Ken Redcross, M.D.

    When patients come to me complaining about their joints, many times they also say they are having trouble sleeping at night. And I say, “Well, of course you are! Who can sleep when their joints are bothering them?”

    And that’s when I tell them about Flexuron® PM — the unique joint comfort and sleep formula that combines the clinical power of bestselling Flexuron® Daily Joint Care with the most popular nutritional sleep aide, Melatonin.*

    So, if you’re ready to be more comfortable and get a great night’s sleep — and then feel rejuvenated and ready for action during the day — read on to learn more about the amazing clinical science of Flexuron® PM.

    Simply take one little softgel daily before bed and enjoy better sleep and greater joint comfort!*

    Dr Ken Redcross Signature

    The Flexuron® PM Breakthrough!

    Purity Products’ Flexuron® PM is so unique that it’s backed by a family of 18 U.S. patents! While many products use glucosamine and chondroitin as their base, Flexuron® PM raises the bar for joint comfort supplements by combining 4 powerful ingredients in one small softgel capsule*:

    • Phosopholipid-Rich Krill Oil: Krill Oil is a great source of Omega-3, which was shown to support normal joint comfort in a previous stand-alone pilot study.* And what’s key about Krill Oil is that the body does not produce its own Omega-3—it must be taken in through foods or nutritional supplements. The Omega-3 in Flexuron® PM’s Krill Oil is delivered as phospholipids, which carry the EPA & DHA components of Omega-3 directly into your cells, promoting absorption.*
    • Natural Astaxanthin: Astaxanthin is a versatile and effective antioxidant.* The molecular structure of Astaxanthin gives it an exceptional ability to help mitigate oxidative stress in cells and tissues.* Astaxanthin is also valued for a number of other stellar benefits including support for muscle endurance and circulation, both of which can play a role in joint health.*
    • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: Flexuron® PM contains Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (sodium hyaluronate), a biological component of your body’s connective tissue. Hyaluronic Acid serves as a building block for healthy joints and skin.* This gel-like substance is the joint matrix’s “shock absorber,” making it a key component of healthy joint tissue.*
    • Melatonin: Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland. However, natural production of melatonin declines with age. Plus, when something interrupts your sleep cycle — such as joint discomfort and joint stiffness — it negatively affects your body’s natural circadian rhythm, the internal time clock that regulates sleep and wakefulness. Clinical studies show that Melatonin promotes deep, restorative sleep along with improved sleep quality and sleep duration.*
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    Flexuron® PM Is 3X Better Than Glucosamine-Chondroitin + Helps You Sleep Better Too!*

    Flexuron® PM presents a new standard in joint comfort, so this patented formula was put to the test in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The study asked participants to track and report their joint comfort level over a total trial course of 56 days. However, it only took 7 days to start seeing measurable improvement in supporting joint comfort!

    Then as the study continued, an added bonus was discovered: people taking Flexuron® PM reported sustained improvement as time went on—well beyond what the placebo and the glucosamine-chondroitin users experienced.

    Flexuron PM Graph

    In fact, people using Flexuron® PM began experiencing the difference in as few as 7 days. And by the end off the 56-day study, the gap just got wider.

    Plus, while glucosamine and chondroitin supplements require taking upwards of 4 huge, hard-to-swallow pills per day, Flexuron® PM achieves its effect with just 1 simple little softgel.

    So if you want clinically tested, easy-to-use nutritional support for your joints every day, then give yourself Flexuron® PM!*

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