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    • Promotes Strength, Energy, and Lean Muscle Mass*
    • Supports Endurance, Joints & Bones, Immune Defense & Healthy Brain Function*
    • Now with Wild Organic PurityBlue™ SuperActive Blueberries

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    Tap In To The Strength Building & Brain Boosting Power of EverStrong® Blue

    Healthy aging is key to a long and active life. Our bodies undergo metabolic, skeletal, and muscular change as we get older. Some we can see and others take place “under the hood.” It’s important to keep your internal engine running smoothly, filled with energy, and primed with strength.

    And that’s the purpose of EverStrong® Blue, the elite formula for mind & body strength at any age!* EverStrong® Blue is a nutritional “battery charger” for your muscles and your brain — and it’s filled with the right ingredients to fuel your active lifestyle.*

    • Creapure® Creatine: The molecule of strength for your muscles and your brain - 3 grams per serving*
    • PurityBlue Blueberries: The wild, organic, SuperActive antioxidant Blueberries from the high latitudes of North America*
    • CoffeeBerry®: The energizing antioxidant*
    • FruiteX-B® PhytoBoron: The joint comfort & flexibility superstar*
    • Vitamin D: The bone-strengthening, heart-supporting, immune function workhorse*
    EverStrong Blue Couple
    EverStrong Blue SlipTech Technology

    Plus, we wrapped EverStrong® Blue in an amazing new easy-to-swallow technology called SlipTech Clean Finish. With SlipTech, each EverStrong® Blue tablet is designed without any harsh edges — and actually becomes slippery when taken with liquid. This is one great innovation in nutritional supplement manufacturing!

    Power Up With Creatine: The Molecule of Strength*

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    At the heart of EverStrong® Blue is Creapure® Creatine. Creatine is one of the most studied supplements in sports nutrition with over 300 clinical studies examining its ability to build muscle size and promote strength in women and men — with emerging research now showing that Creatine also promotes healthy cognitive function and brain power too!* When your body needs muscle building energy, the Creapure® Creatine in EverStrong® Blue is the spark plug.*

    Most people think that Creatine is just for young athletes and superstar body builders, but that just is not the case. Current research shows that Creatine can help older adults maintain muscle mass, strength, and both physical & mental performance, which is vitally important for long-term health.*

    Creatine is naturally present in your body, where it acts as an “energy converter,” transforming stored energy into useful energy (biologically speaking, it converts adenosine triphosphate {ATP} into adenosine diphosphate {ADP}). However, natural supplies of in-body Creatine decline as we age. Supplementing with Creatine helps supply your muscle cells with ATP. More ATP equals more energy, delayed fatigue, and better endurance.* Creatine also hydrates muscle cells with water, promoting muscle fiber growth.* The bottom line is that Creatine supplementation is an effective nutritional way to fuel your muscles.*

    Explore The Health-Boosting Power of SuperActive Wild Organic PurityBlue Blueberries

    There's something to be said about adversity helping us to grow stronger, and that is certainly the case for the PurityBlue Blueberries inside EverStrong® Blue. Wild, organic, high in antioxidant power and grown in the harsh, high latitude regions of North America, these blueberries experience the hardship of unrelenting sun during summer and then undergo the challenges of frigid temperatures and hard winds in the winter. This inhospitable climate greatly boosts their antioxidant capacity. This leads PurityBlue Blueberries to a hearty flavonoid profile — with MORE Antioxidant power than blueberries grown in lower latitudes. And that means more antioxidant protection for your immune system, along with the amazing ability to support overall wellness and healthy brain function.*

    EverStrong Blue Blueberry

    PurityBlue is a beautiful melding of nature with modern science featuring hearty SuperActive blueberries from North America. Unleash the power of Nature with these wild, sustainable, organic blueberries carefully selected and harvested and then processed in a way that locks in their purity, potency, and antioxidant strength!

    More Antioxidant Power Than Ordinary Blueberries

    Ordinary Blueberries

    PurityBlue Blueberries

    Everstrong Blueberries
    Everstrong Blueberries
    Everstrong Blueberries

    The Full-Body Benefits of EverStrong® Blue

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    Muscle Strength

    Creatine is well-known for its strength building capacity in athletes, but it is also essential for maintaining strength as part of a healthy aging routine.* The body’s natural store of Creatine declines as we age, making supplementing with this important molecule crucial whether you plan to hit the gym or stay active at any level.*

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    Brain Power

    Creatine does more than just help build muscle, it benefits the brain as well. Studies reveal that Creatine supplementation supports cognitive processing in adults of any age. EverStrong® Blue can increase the brain’s supply of Creatine, which is important for neuropsychological performance.* Plus, PurityBlue also adds vibrant brain health support.*

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    Energy & Endurance

    CoffeeBerry® provides the antioxidant benefits of polyphenols found only in the outer fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. CoffeeBerry® gives you the energy enhancing effect of a modest amount of caffeine plus unique nutritional benefits that you can’t get from drinking coffee. Add to that Creatine’s ability to power ATP production and EverStrong® Blue helps you overcome fatigue and gain greater endurance.*

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    Joint & Bones

    The FruiteX-B PhytoBoron in EverStrong® Blue supports your joints, which is important for anyone engaged in athletic activity and exercise, especially older adults. Add to that the bone support of Vitamin D, and you have an extra edge with EverStrong® Blue that goes beyond plain Creatine supplements.*

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    Immune Defense

    An energized body, lean muscles, and a healthy brain still require a strong immune system. EverStrong® Blue provides support for a healthy immune response from Vitamin D, plus the antioxidant power of PurityBlue and CoffeeBerry® to help protect your cells and tissues from oxidative stress.*

  • Product Reviews

    • Kratz
    • 65+
    • Manchester, NH
    • M
    • General Health
    • 07/14/21 1:13
    • 5 out of 5
    • Great product
    • It is often difficult to see/feel if a supplement is working. Not so with Everstrong Blue. I can feel the difference as I have more energy.
    • cowboy
    • 65+
    • east point, ga.
    • M
    • General Health
    • 12/10/20 11:50
    • 5 out of 5
    • cowboy
    • great ,product help me get in shape-71 years old, thanks a lot.
    • oncose
    • Not Specified
    • UT
    • M
    • Not Specified
    • 12/09/20 1:23
    • 4 out of 5
    • good
    • very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good.very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good. very good.

      very good. very good. very good. very good. very g
    • SLH
    • Not Specified
    • Miramar, FL.
    • M
    • Not Specified
    • 04/23/21 5:06
    • 3 out of 5
    • EVERSTRONG® Blue
    • Im been a Purity Products customer for over 10 years. Opened 90 pill bottle for the first time and was surprised how huge the pills are. Had to cut hard pill in half, then chew to prevent choking hazard.