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  • Age Defyance™ - NightSculpt™ Neck + Face Firming Treatment
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    • Reduces Sagging, Wrinkles & Fine Lines While You Sleep
    • Supports Healthy Collagen and Elastin Production
    • See Results in as Few as 3 Weeks – And they Build from there

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    What It Is:

    Tightens and hydrates skin on your neck and face so you never have to worry about the delicate skin giving away your age. No more lines, loose skin, or age spots — just smooth, soft skin loaded with antioxidant protection.

    Why It’s Special:

    Formulated with a proprietary blend of active ingredients, this rich cream supports healthy collagen and elastin production and can reduce sagging on the neck & targeted areas (jowls, smile lines) in as few as 3 weeks.

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    Looking for a solution for sagging skin? Imagine awakening to revived contours and renewed confidence in your skin with NightSculpt. At Age Defyance, we believe in beauty through innovation. NightSculpt blends clinically validated skincare technologies to firm and lift skin on the neck and face. A Biomimetic Ceramide Complex mimics the skin's natural rejuvenation process to replenish and strengthen the skin barrier, while Edelweiss Flower delivers plant-based Stem Cell technology to lift and tighten (reduce sagging). Simply apply NightSculpt each night during your evening ritual and let the treatment get to work to nourish, replenish and tighten the jawline and neck as you sleep... so you awaken to a more beautiful you.


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    NightSculpt delivers advanced skin technology with a matrix of Ceramides, Peptides, Edelweiss Flower, Niacinamide, Plant-based Stem Cells and Green Tea Polyphenols. Validated in a clinical study, NightSculpt is proven to deliver results in just 3 weeks with benefits building over time - specifically for the neck and face (jowls, jawline, smile lines, fine lines, etc.) Luxuriously lightweight and never sticky, NightSculpt sinks beautifully into the skin while it gets to work reviving the neck and facial contours of your dreams.

    NightSculpt's proprietary blend of scientifically active ingredients help to:

    • Firm and tighten jawline, jowls and sagging skin
    • Support healthy collagen and elastin production
    • Smooth and even skin tone
    • Visibly reduce the signs of aging

    Key Ingredients

    Age Defyance - Night Sculp
    Biomimetic Ceramide Complex
    A proprietary system of ceramides that mimics the skin's rejuvenation process provides essential nourishment to help replenish the skin barrier and improve the skin's appearance of elasticity and texture.
    Peptide Complex
    The next generation of firming and skin matrix support creates a collagen-rich appearance, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
    Edelweiss Flower
    Latest technology in stem cells with protective antioxidant benefits, known to lift and tighten skin, addressing the appearance of sagging.
    Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
    Enhances the skin barrier and supports healthy collagen production, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Brightens areas of pigmentation for even skin tone.
    Apple Stem Cells
    Deliver essential nutrient benefits to improve skin firmness and elasticity.
    Green Tea Polyphenols + Botanicals
    Green tea polyphenols along with botanical extracts caffeine, vitamin E, bamboo extract, and pea extract provide soothing, calming properties that protect from environmental damage.
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